Shefali Couture

Shefali Chawla introduced Shefali Couture in 2011. Having attended Pratt University in New York, Fashion Institute of Technology and attended Business Management from UCSD – University of California, San Diego.

She explains, "Designing comes from my soul. It's not just how to sell a dress but to instill a sense of style in the individual. Fashion is a repetition of time… is also the ideas, fads and trends that are going around, a sense of being with it. Classics are a part of fashion - in a timeless repetition."


“I believe fashion should be an everyday affordable need and not an expensive hobby. Fashion is the way you see yourself, a sense of what’s going around, more like fads or trends. Style, on the other hand is the way you feel about yourself, the way you carry and project an image” says the designer.

In today’s global economy and fashion forward society, where the need for comfort, versatility & affordability is prime…..Silhouette & form, a need for comfort and a staple uniformity of a globally fashion forward society.

Shefali Couture offers a wide range of day wear, resort wear, tunics, dresses, evening cocktail gowns, perfect for events and wedding parties as well as a versatile range of day-wear going into gorgeous evening ensembles.

“Shefali Couture” designs 2 Seasons per year – Spring Summer and Winter Holiday (Ready to wear) with a Couture Line as well. “Shefali Prive” collections consist of a couture line with chic fusion and cocktail gowns that highlight every woman's feminity, sensuality, teamed with timeless grace.

Luxe fabrics such as pure cotton, rich Indonesian and Chantilly lace and 100 percent hand washable silk, certainly echoes sophistication, luxury and elegance. The color palette sees a dominance of hues derived from nature and landscape; shades of the sun and moon, colors of the night & nature i.e. Ocean etc.